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panoramic shot of moai during sunset


Within the framework of International Earth Day, it is important to continue raising awareness in the context of a planet that every day is submerged in phenomena such as climate change and the extinction of species that lead to more frequent natural disasters and the contraction of the polar caps. “The lessons from the Easter

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Developing nations are losing the health & trade game.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is already 26 years old and it has sadly been through a rut in the last few years. The presidency of Donald Trump and Brexit turned the tide of the free trade mantra that had reigned for a couple of decades. Even when Donald Trump was voted out, and the

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Airlines in Latin America will lose more than 8 billion due to COVID-19

Mexico and Brazil have recovered best, with an increase of reservations in December The airline industry has been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many airlines have been hurt financially while others have stopped operating altogether. JETS, an exchange-traded fund, a composite index of many of the leading stocks has seen a decline of more than

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Post-COVID world needs ‘outrageously bold’ vision – Nobel winner Yunus

By Emma Batha Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus called on Wednesday for «outrageously bold» thinking to reshape post-COVID society, including the creation of a new type of bank to help millions of workers whose livelihoods have been hammered by the pandemic. The Bangladeshi economist, nicknamed «banker to the poor», said the crisis presented an opportunity to

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